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Latin Night:Krck Blast from the past.

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

By DJ Big Latin

DJ Big Latin is a Phoenix-based music promoter who created and owns Big Latin Entertainment. He was inspired to get into the music industry when he worked as a driver for Studio 47 in the Bay Area and had the opportunity to talk to music talents like New Kids on the Block, Janet Jackson, Tupac, Beastie Boys and Vanilla Ice. He has been a music promoter since 1988 working with BMG, MCA, Priority, Motown ,and Deathrow. He can be found playing all flavors of music in clubs and venues around Phoenix though he specializes in Latin jams. His favorite tunes to play are the ones you don’t know are your favorites…yet
It seems like every week you hear about a new “Latin night” being hosted somewhere in the Valley. This is a long-established technique for many clubs to draw in the Latino crowd.

The original Valley Latin nights started in the early ’90s courtesy of local Latin promoters like Benny Arce, Dj Shy and Albert Lineses III AKA DJ AL3. These pioneers were the catalyst for Latin nights at venues like Zazoo’s, Coyote Bay and Club Caliente.

While the other clubs subscribed to the Billboard Charts school of disc-jockying, these guys were putting it down for the Latinos by mixing Top 40, tejano and cumbia hits together.

It’s too bad that these days most of the “Latin nights” in town amount to playing a few Kumbia Kings tracks or the classic “Suavemete” between Top 40 dance hits.

The average Latino is looking for more Latin in these so-called Latin nights, not a smattering of Selena between Top 40 dance tunes. If you’re looking for clubs in Phoenix that stay true to the true intent of Latin nights, I recommend the following:

Check out Matador, Coach ‘n’ Willies, Macayos on Central, Baja Tilly’s, Sky Lounge and Club Downtown. Also make sure to scope the latest Latin club nights at E4 on Wednesdays, Club PHX on Thursdays and Hard Rock Cafe on Fridays.

If you know where to look, the Latin music scene in Phoenix is still popping. Latin music is not a mere trend, it’s a way of life.

Here’s a big shout out to all the DJs that keep laying it down like the old boys and staying true to the music.

How he got started “THE GODFATHER” BENNY ARCE”

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

THE GODFATHER” BENNY ARCE Homegrown in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona began a DJ career at age 15 with Stewart Sherman The Record Hops, promoting dances open to high school kids at local church halls & soon went from his neighborhood to everyone’s neighborhood Party Promoter, throwing huge dance parties which averaged 1500-2000 people.

As rival Promoters battled for the Party Scene in the 80′s, Benny’s crew “The Party Promoters” (Ronnie Kolb, Johnny Romo & “Paco” Ruben Chacon) were entered in and won AZ’s first ever Battle of the DJ’s. The win put them on top of the DJ food chain. Benny was offered his first Radio job on the only party station in Arizona at that time, 1060 KUKQ. Soon, Benny Arce became the first DJ to Mix Live on the Radio here in Phoenix with the Saturday & Sunday Night KUKQ Party Mix! Benny also took over and promoted the Battle of the DJ Events for 4 more years, helping upcoming DJ’s make names for themselves in Phoenix, such as DJ “Shy” Mike Cabrerra who won the Battle of the Dj’s title twice & Radio’s Ruben S. got his start at Benny’s Night Club.

Benny’s success as a DJ and Promoter continued to soar. Several stations later (power 92.3 & 103.9fm), in 1996 a Co-Worker Eric Valdez renamed Benny the “Godfather Benny Arce” as Benny Hosted The LoveZone a Dedication Slow Jam Show on 103.9 FM, Arizona’s Party Station. Now, after leaving mainstream Radio 103.9 The Edge in 2005 Benny continue’s to create new memories with his very own Online Live Radio station “KRCK RADIO” yes, its pronounced “crack”, It’s Benny’s version of that Radio Station he’s always wanted to work at, that big Corporate Radio can’t & Wont be!

KRCK RADIO is live 24/7 playing current hip-hop and old school.

We give local and non-local artists the chance to get they’re music heard with live interviews which spot lights their music.

Benny calls it KRCK’n The World Wide Web! KRCK RADIO also has live mix shows with the valley’s Best DJ’s in the Mix Doin what they Love to Do With No Restrictions.

If you want more info, hit Benny up on the KRCKLINE 602 373-4422 or at Facebook Become a KRCKHEAD & Listen to KRCK RADIO. You will like what you hear!

Jessica & Motion City Media

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Our new website ( ) is amazing!! The new interactive capabilities , fast and user friendly functionality has far exceeded our expectations. Jessica was nothing but friendly, professional and knowledgable about her services. We would reccomend Jessica & Motion City Media to anyone looking to update, create or refine their website.

Welcome to the new KRCK Radio website!

Friday, November 18th, 2011

We are excited to launch our brand new website, designed by Jessica Bolin of Motion City Media! The new KRCK Radio website features listener links to stream our live radio feeds, Facebook connections (commenting and Like), photo galleries, events calendar, news and contest sections, current flyers, and more.

You can now join for FREE to comment and interact on our website.  Registration will also sign you up for current events and news from KRCK Radio.  

We hope you enjoy the new website and encourage feedback and suggestions.